Robert Smyth Academy All-Stars

Robert Smyth Academy is committed to supporting and celebrating our many high performers, including their commitments outside school to pursue their passions.

We know these students often spend their spare time training, preparing, and catching up on schoolwork, often as part of a busy schedule. They are resilient and determined people with a huge future ahead of them. We applaud students who chase their dreams and encourage them to engage in their passions.

These students exemplify our values, and we plan to keep this page updated so our community can share in their successes while providing inspirational role models for other students. Students can spot them around school because they will have a very special pin badge representing their contribution to our community as an ‘All-Star’.

We would like to know if your child is involved in an activity outside of school, such as sports or the performing arts, to a high standard, such as competing or performing at the regional or national level. Please note that these are just examples; we anticipate a much broader selection of responses.

You can email this information to and we will share the ‘RSA All Stars’ MS Form with you so we can begin putting together a profile of your child’s contributions.