All schools, colleges and academies must have a Governing Body. In multi-academy trusts (MATs) a school’s Governing Body is called a Local Governing Body (LGB) because the MAT has governance arrangements of its own with oversight of all the MAT’s academies.


The LGB is responsible for the staffing, finance, premises, curriculum and future planning of the Robert Smyth Academy. In addition, it has statutory oversight of health and safety, safeguarding and some other matters in the Academy. The LGB works closely with the Academy’s Leadership Team when making decisions about the Academy and staff members are also governors.

The Academy’s LGB is new, dating from the 1st September 2017 when the Academy became part of the Tudor Grange Academy Trust (TGAT).


Currently (February 2018) there are eleven governors. The names of all governors in the academic year 2016 – 2017 follows, together with their category (the constituency from which they come), the date when they were appointed or left the GB, and their attendance at scheduled full governing body and reporting meetings in the last academic year. The very large number of meetings in 2016 – 2017 is unusual. This reflects the work necessary to make the transfer to TGAT.

Name Category Appointed Left Attendance
Mrs Sharon Baseley Elected Parent 11/16  01/18 11/17
Ms Josie Bessell Community 08/11  09/17 11/17
Mr Aaron Bohannon Community 10/16 11/15
Mr Max Corney Community 08/11 10/16 2/5
Mrs Lucia DeVido Staff 12/16 12/12
Dr Kevin Feltham Community 08/11 15/17
Mr Geoff Green Community 12/16 11/12
Ms Anna Hefford Co-opted 11/11 03/17 5/10
Ms Sarah Hefford Co-opted 11/11 03/17 2/10
Mr Steve Harris Community 10/16 14/17
Ms Sue Jones Principal 09/14 02/17 9/9
Mrs Alice King Staff 11/12 12/16 5/6
Dr Paul Machon Community 05/16 16/17
Mrs Emma Mercer Elected parent 06/17  3/3
Mr Mike Scully Staff 11/11 15/17
Mr Richard Taylor Acting Principal 03/17 14/17
Mrs Judith Waddington Community 09/15 17/17
Mrs Irene Ward Community 08/11 17/17

The Chairman of the Local Governing Body is Dr Paul Machon and the Vice-Chair is Mrs Irene Ward.

The GB would always be pleased to hear from those who may be interested in taking part in the LGB’s work. Please contact the Academy (contact details are on the website) if you would like to have more information.


Name Employment, Financial & Business Other Governance other than RSA
Mr Aaron Bohannon Everyone Health Clipston Endowed VC & Great Creaton Primaries
Mrs Lucia DeVido Staff Governor Elected Leicestershire
Dr Kevin Feltham Northampton General Hospital County Councillor
Mr Geoff Green University of Leicester
Mr Steve Harris Academy of Healthcare Scientists (Lay Chair) MH Golf Club Director MH & Bowdens Charity Trustee
Dr Paul Machon TGAT MATB member
Emma Mercer Executive Headteacher (see Other Governance) Clipston Endowed VC & Great Creaton Primaries
Mr Richard Taylor Acting Principal
Mr Mike Scully Staff Governor
Mrs Judith Waddington      
Mrs Irene Ward Technophilia Co. Sec. (p-t) Clerked GB March – October 2017


In the academic year 2017 – 2018 the full LGB will meet on: 12th September, 14th November 2017 and 16th January, 13th March, 8th May and 10th July 2018.