Sports Leadership Academy

Sports Leaders UK is a charity delivering sports leadership awards and qualifications for 200,000 people a year, through 4,000 schools, colleges, local authorities, prisons and young offender units. It acts as an Awarding Body providing nationally recognised qualifications, and is now extending the reach of the awards and qualifications through creation of The Sports Leaders UK Foundation, which will invest directly in community delivery of sports leadership.

Sports Leaders UK courses change lives, sometimes even save lives. The range of awards and qualifications equips people with the skills and motivation to create and run sporting activities in the community. More than that, having learned the skills, Sports Leaders then deliver community activities on a voluntary basis as part of the qualification.

Leadership academy status

Robert Smyth Academy is extremely proud to become the first school in Leicestershire to receive official Leadership Academy status and is a reward for the hard work undertaken by staff and the sports leaders at the school who work tirelessly throughout the year at different events. This status will raise the profile of sports leadership and the RSA sports leaders both locally and nationally.

Which Sports Leaders UK Awards and Qualifications do we offer?

  • Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership
  • Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership
  • Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership
  • Level 3 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership

Sports Leaders benefitting the local community

Sports leaders are regularly deployed to host family of schools events for up to 14 primary schools including a mini Olympics, key stage 1 Multi skills festivals, netball, basketball and uni hoc tournaments. RSA leaders also officiate at other local primary competitions such as cross country races, swimming gala’s, TAG rugby, cricket, football and netball competitions. RSA sports leaders officiate at feeder high school fixtures, assist primary school clubs and assist at a number of local sports clubs (including swimming, football, tennis, athletics, netball and cricket) in Market Harborough and the local villages. RSA leaders assist at local sporting events such as the sport relief runs. RSA leaders work with each primary as part of our sports ambassador programme where one student is actively linked to each school and helps create assemblies etc. RSA leaders have assisted at numerous SSP and CSP including providing 12 ambassadors (out of 20 from all of Leicestershire and Rutland) for the Youth Games at Loughborough University in 2011.

RSA sports leaders have been chosen to speak at conferences and teacher meetings locally, regionally and nationally to provide ideas and give feedback. In 2012 RSA leaders assisted the organisation of a mass Olympic style event in the local town as part of 2012 celebrations. RSA leaders also spoke at the 2012 county sports ambassador conference. In addition to the above and their usual summer primary and high school events, students are tasked with organising their own events for students both at RSA and at local schools – these have ranged from the Pairlympics, ultimate rounders, handball, Tag rugby, Extreme Dodgeball and Rock-it-ball and the Modern Heptathlon. Students are continually looking for different ways to engage with local schools and have been nominated for different awards as a result of their work.

Hours of volunteering

In recent years a number of sixth from students have been awarded bronze, silver and Gold Step into sport awards for completing 50,100 or 200 hours of voluntary sports leadership. A vast number of students volunteer weekly with local sports clubs and students give up their time to assist primary school events, high school events and events at RSA. Students volunteer for after school and lunchtime events and will arrive in school at 7.30am on all day primary and high school competitions. Students will give up their time on weekends and in evenings to assist with clubs and also to assist at the Robert Smyth Cross Country race held on a Saturday. A number of students volunteered for 2 days at the Youth Games and Parallel Youth Games, now the school games and students have assisted at events such as the Special Olympics in Leicester, at local sport relief miles and at regional and national conferences. All students are expected to go above and beyond the hours required to attain each award. The students on the level 3 award now work with a local care home.

Inclusive courses

The sports leaders courses are open to all students within RSA. The level 1 award is open to all students in Year 10 as part of an enrichment programme. The level 2 award in sports leadership is open to Year 11 during enrichment and the Level 2 award in Community Sports Leadership and the Level 3 certificate in Higher Sports Leadership are undertaken by Year 12 and 13 creating a pathway of leadership.

Extra information about RSA

Robert Smyth is an academy for 14-19 year olds and in each year group at Robert Smyth a different Sports Leaders UK award is offered to enable a pathway from Year 10 to year 13 in terms of Sports Leadership. Sports Leaders Level 1 and 2 (SL) are delivered during the Year 10 and 11 enrichment sessions and the Level 2 (CSL) and 3 awards are timetabled as part of the weekly sixth form 6plus programme. Sports Leaders from all 4 awards offered work together to facilitate different events undertaking different roles, and students from the Level 2 (CSL) and Level 3 awards are currently supporting the teaching of the Level 1 course to pass on their knowledge and experience.

RSA sports leaders have recently achieved recognition for their outstanding commitment with a number of awards. RSA students have won the Key Stage 4 and 5 leaders of the year at the SSP awards in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, and an RSA sports leader has won the 2010, 2011 and 2013 U21 contribution to sport awards at the Leicestershire Chairman’s trophy awards (runner up 2012). An RSA student was chosen to help open a Leicestershire Young Leaders conference and act as an ambassador on the East Midlands panel to judge Olympic torchbearers. This former student (left summer 2012) was also a torchbearer and won the 2012 Lord Lieutenant’s award in Leicestershire for volunteering in sport and the overall “young person of the year award!” Other sports leaders who have just left RSA acted as games makers and as assistants to the medal bearers in the Olympic Stadium and velodrome!

Some student comments about why they enjoy undertaking the sports leadership awards and being involved in sports leadership.

“I like to see sport from a different perspective”
“It’s fun, I feel like I am doing good for the community, I like seeing sport from a different angle”
“I like to see children improve and enjoy themselves”
“The ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ that you are helping people and that those people look up to you and respect you”
“It is great giving something back”

Examples of enjoyable experiences whilst leading

“Teaching my new swimming class for 3 year olds for the first time in front of parents because it showed me I could do it, despite being ‘thrown in at the deep end’”
“At the Mini Olympics, we were doing the sprints and afterwards we adapted the activity to have hopping, wheelbarrow races and other fun races and the they all said they enjoyed it”
“Mini Olympics – one girl came up to me and said she loved my skipping session”
“Watching groups I coach grow and parents saying how much their children enjoy tennis (and meaning it!). I feel like I am respected for who I am”
“One of the children I coach at Athletics went on to come 2nd in the county 800m”

Click here for Sports Leadership opportunities

A number of sports leaders will also be organising and running their own sports events for students within RSA – look out for more details!

Examples of National Governing Body Awards recently delivered at RSA

  • Energy Clubs Leaders (December 2012)
  • Junior Football Leaders Award (January 2013)
  • Sports Makers Workshop (January 2013)
  • Young officials Award (Rugby)
  • TAG Rugby Leaders
  • Let’s Play Volleyball
  • Tri-Golf
  • Young Netball Organisers
  • Football Futures Workshop