We help our students to become confident adults and competent learners who are fascinated by the world around them, eager and ready to take responsibility. We believe in students working hard to achieve their personal best in all areas, sometimes in teams, sometimes leading, showing determination and commitment whilst developing character. The importance of enjoying and taking part in the creative, cultural, sporting and innovative aspects of society is emphasised across the Academy.

We offer a broad and balanced blend of subjects based on the National Curriculum, with all subjects contributing in a high quality learning programme. Stretch, challenge and tailored support for all is incorporated at every level as we maintain an overriding emphasis on excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. A strong core focuses on developing basic skills, essential knowledge and deep understanding.

Our Curriculum Intent for Year 7 and 8 (Exploration)

  • An introduction to the fundamental pillars of learning
  • To immerse the curriculum in high quality reading opportunities
  • Provide broad opportunities for progression
  • Develop a high standard of cultural literacy
  • Instil a love of languages
  • Prepare students for advanced academic study to enable access to an appropriate EBACC pathway
  • To embed an understanding of the individuality and well-being of all students

We operate a 30 lessons in a fortnight timetable, with 30 minutes each day of form tutor time.