Those following A levels (or equivalent courses) generally take 3 or 4 subjects in year 12, continued into year 13.  They have nine hours-long lessons per subject per fortnight and are expected to spend the same length of time doing homework and individual study. In addition, students also have 30 minute tutor sessions each day in which PSHE content is delivered.

Our Sixth Form curriculum is an extension of the specialism of the Key Stage 4 options process and all students will study a high-quality specialist curriculum pathway. Students select 3 or 4 A Levels from the 26 we offer, which are supplemented with a tutoring and PSHE programme designed to offer support appropriate to the journey through Key Stage 5. Personal development is at the heart of the Sixth Form experience.

In Year 12, students have a tutoring and PSHE programme that supports personal development including the development of study skills. In the Autumn term of Year 12 we enable students to become independent learners so that they take the full value from study periods. In the Spring term we nurture student development through enrichment opportunities to enhance their skills and experiences. Student leadership and mentoring of younger students are important elements, as are wider study and reading opportunities. In the Spring term of Year 12 students are introduced to the range of post-18 pathways available. Most of our students apply to university, and we also support those students seeking apprenticeships and employment.