Alternative Activities

Personal Wellbeing Enrichment and Fun Guide

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Draw a Cartoon

How to draw cartoons with Pete McKee click here

Watch a Show

The National Theatre are streaming shows every Thursday click here

Coding made easy with Tynker

Access to premium features have been unlocked click here

Worldwide Animal Livecams

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Try the ‘education’ button which links to more information like behaviour guides and things to watch out for on the cameras.

Virtual Book Club

Decide on a book to read with your friends and then get together on social media to discuss it.

Learn to cook a new dish

Find a recipe in a cook book or online and make it for your family (or neighbours).

Brush up on your history

Watch this popular TED talk – click here

Write a diary

Keep a record of these strange times – you will enjoy reading it back in years to come!

Make a birdfeeder

…and then monitor which birds visit.

Camp outside

If the weather is nice, consider setting up a tent and spending the night outside in your garden.

Handwrite a letter 

Put pen to paper and write to those you have not been able to see recently.

Organise your digital photographs

Make them into photobooks to share with your friends and family.

Learn to juggle

Search for a tutorial on YouTube.

Keep fit

Joe Wicks’ workouts are a good starting point but you can find dance classes, yoga sessions and much more online.

Don’t forget the PE Twitter challenges from TGAS.


Colouring is great for mindfulness – printable colouring sheets can be found online.

Play a board game

Our staff recommend monopoly, snakes and ladders, catan, guess who and the game of life!

Learn how to play a card game

Rummy, Sevens, Newmarket, Chase the Ace, 21s

Play your musical instrument

This is an ideal opportunity to practise!

Do something nice for your family

Plan a surprise party for a member of your household (for no reason), include presents, music, food etc….

Organise a family sports day

Run your own sports day with competitions like who can do a headstand for the longest and who can stand on one leg for the longest. You could even make certificates and have an awards ceremony!

Family Bake Off

Organise a bake off challenge to see who can make the best cupcakes/biscuits….post on social media to see who gets the most likes.