Health and Wellbeing

In the event of students requiring extra support we have several members of staff who can provide expert help.

Information for parents / carers

Young people need and expect to be able to access health information and advice. This is provided in the Academy by trained professionals such as the School Nurse. Young people are provided with a confidential service they can trust, are happy to attend and which encourages them to take an active and responsible role in their own health and well-being. In the long term, this allows them to develop the skills to make informed decisions about their own lifestyle choices which affect them throughout their life.

Academy-based health services give students the opportunity to talk to another adult, other than family members, about any health concerns or other worries they may have. All the workers are trained professionals and in all discussions will give unbiased, non-judgemental advice and support within a confidential environment. However, there may be occasions when confidentiality has to be broken. If we have concerns that the young person or somebody else may be at risk of serious harm the advice of the safeguarding team will be sought.

School Nurse – (Julie Parker)

The school nurse supports students, parents and carers with any health related issues. Her key roles are:

  • To assess, protect and promote the health and well-being of school aged children and young people
  • To offer advice, care and treatment to individuals regarding physical and emotional health

As part of her supportive role the school nurse is available on Mondays on alternative weeks. Referrals can be made by the Academy’s pastoral team.

Just4U Clinic

This confidential clinic provides support on a range of health topics including smoking cessation, healthy eating, emotional wellbeing and risk taking behaviour. This support can include advice around issues such as: contraception, emergency contraception, chlamydia testing and pregnancy testing. The Just4U clinic is available through the School Nurse on alternate Mondays.


Inclusion Department

The team ensures that students receive the support needed to access the curriculum and achieve their full potential.   This can take the form of academic support, learning support (additional studies), intervention groups, or support with behaviour and mentoring.

Student Services

This is located in the Library. Students pay here for trips/concert tickets and revision guides for most subjects. Stationery is also available.  It is open at break and lunchtime.