Exam Fees


All first entry fees for candidates on roll are paid by The Robert Smyth Academy.

Candidates who fail to turn up for an exam without good reason will be invoiced for the full cost of the award involved.  The only good reason accepted is illness supported by a letter from a Doctor.  Holiday or forgetting is not deemed to be a good reason.  Candidates who do not meet the necessary coursework requirements may also be charged the full cost of the award involved.

Year 12/13 candidates will pay a fee (currently a rounded figure of £25) to be entered to re-sit units of GCE taken in previous series.

Enquiry about Results

Candidates must pay the full cost for any results enquiry or access to script.  There is a different charge for each awarding body.  Current costs available from the Examinations Office.

It should be noted that if an awarding body increases a whole grade following a review of marking they do not charge and fees are refunded.  If just a unit score is increased but this does not affect the overall final grade fees are not refunded.