Criteria for Exam Entry

All candidates on roll are eligible for entry into the relevant level of award.  Subject teachers can, however, decide not to enter should a level of achievement not be attained or coursework not be completed.  Subject teachers should write home informing parents of this decision.  Parents can request an entry in this case, but the entry will be deemed a private entry and therefore paid by the candidate.

A candidate with less than an agreed percentage attendance from the start of the school year until final amendment date just before Easter will be withdrawn from all examinations.


Entries will be accepted from private candidates as long as they attended The Robert Smyth Academy in the recent past and the syllabus of entry is one followed by the school.  All private entries to be paid for by the candidate, plus a one-off £10 administration/invigilation fee.


If a Sixth Form candidate wishes to re-take a GCSE in English or Maths, they will be expected to join and attend a re-take class in that subject.  If a candidate wishes to re-take English and/or Maths GCSE without attending a class, they will be expected to pay the full cost of the GCSE plus a one-off £10 administration/invigilation fee.  In either case, candidates should make it known to the Head of the Maths and/or English faculty as soon as possible in the new school year.  The closing date for November entries is 1st October.

GCSE re-takes are not offered in other subjects.

If a Year 13 candidate wishes to re-sit a GCE unit – either written or coursework – taken in a previous series, they will have to follow the ‘yellow form’ procedure. GCE re-sits are only available in the Summer series.  The candidate should collect a yellow form from the Examinations Office and fill it in with correct unit details.  Candidates are asked to obtain their subject teacher’s signature for each unit entry – this ensures they have the support of their teacher and that subject staff are aware of entries being made privately by candidates.  Each unit entry is payable by the candidate and costs £25.00.  Candidates need to return the forms with all signatures and payment by the deadlines to ensure entry:

  • Summer series – 21st January

Candidates can re-sit a GCE unit as many times as they like within the timeframe available, but should have each time the support of their subject teacher.