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Year 7

The government has been active in changing assessment levels at the end of primary and secondary schools: In Year 6, students taking SATs were scored on a scale between 80 and 120 in Reading, Grammar and maths tests, where 100 is the National Average. At GCSE, scales have changes from A*-G, to 9 to 1. All schools were tasked with producing their own assessment levels in between, and the chart below is an attempt to show what a Year 6 SATs score may translate to in GCSE terms in 5 years’ time. They are not predictions, merely a guide to help the parent who is asking the question: “What will these Y6 SATs scores, and RSA’s CAG grades possibly translate to in the next few years of my child’s development?”. If you have any questions, please do contact the Academy.

The charts below show what this means in different subject areas – click each to view in more detail.





Other subjects


Years 10 and 11

In 2017 GCSEs in English and Maths will be awarded on a scale from 1 to 9 and other subjects will continue to use G – A*. By 2019 all GCSEs will have adopted the new grading structure.

The table below offers guidance about broad equivalence. Click the image to view the larger version.