Work for Students

GCSE History

GCSE Childcare Homework

The new homework booklet for the next 6 weeks and some instances 8 weeks. The due dates are written on the front of the booklets the students have been given (the copies below are spare in case they are lost and can be printed). All the students have been told to try all the questions in the booklet even the higher grade ones. The booklets will be marked by Mrs Esgate-Green every week and comments written on the front so they can easily see their progress.

GCSE Art Homework

1. Go on to the school website on January 1st. Go through all the Startpoints. (Only available from that date)
2. In rough, mind map ideas for the start point you have picked.
3. Produce an a4 pastiche of your chosen artist’s work on the 2nd page by printing off the image a4, placing a 2cm grid over it, drawing up the same grid on page 2 of your book and copying the image box at a time.
4. Now apply colour/tone as neatly as you can
5. Draw out an “artist research” title and write up your analysis of the work on the 3rd page by answering all the analysis questions in the handbook
6. Take photos/collect objects to work from.

GCSE Science Homework Booklets

New Year 12 Summer Work

Students joining us in Year 12 must complete summer work to be handed in at the start of the academic year. You can find all summer work tasks on our New Year 12 Summer Work page.