Welcome to the Maths department here at RSA, the aim of our Key Stage 4 years here are to promote excitement and expertise in mathematics. This happens with all levels of ability, with all lessons aiming high and stretching all students.

In maths lessons at Key Stage 4, students will continue to spend a whole half term on a broad topic area, with this topic area being broken down during each block. Students will build on acquired knowledge from Key Stage 3 and will regularly revisit this content through links in lessons or through various do now tasks.

In Year 9, we aim to excite students by introducing some new topics that they have not yet seen before, building a deeper understanding into topics already seen and consolidating links between mathematical areas. The half term topic areas covered in Year 9 are:

  • Integers, Powers and Surds
  • Fractions, Decimals, Percentages and Approximations
  • Expressions and Equations
  • 2D Shapes, 3D Solids and Angles (Two half-terms)
  • Circles and Angles

In Year 10, the broad topics covered are:

  • Percentages and Ratio
  • Functions
  • Expressions, Equations and Graphs
  • Shapes and Angles
  • Vectors and Transformations
  • Probability and Venn Diagrams

In Year 11, we will finish covering the GCSE content and then move on to building those strong links between topic areas, really homing in on the interleaved nature of mathematics. The broad topic areas are listed below:

  • Advanced Statistics
  • Functions, Graphs and Inequalities
  • Links: Ratio and Proportion
  • Links: Algebra and Geometry
  • Links: Statistics and Probability

Students will remain in sets of similar ability students and will follow either the higher or foundation routes dependent on ability. Students will complete Common Assessments three times per year and group changes are fluid dependent on the results of those assessments.

When students move into Year 9, and to allow for greater links to be established between topics, homeworks are more in depth and a booklet is given to students which covers a whole topic area

and could be used for many weeks of homework. For example, one booklet will cover all of the Fractions content and students would be set Section A one week, then Section B the next and so on. This format then continues throughout years 10 and 11.

Students from the top set in each year group will be entered for the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge – a nationwide competition to combine mathematical ability with problem solving in different contexts. This is an excellent opportunity for all who are selected to take part.