Year 9 (Specialism Year) Excitement

Areas of study include:Year 9 provides the opportunity to develop confidence, communication skills and performance abilities. It includes consideration of a variety of areas from script work to stage combat and physical theatre. There is a specific focus on skill development.


creating your own original theatre

Script work:

performing published plays and writing your own performances


Using different theatre practitioner methods to comminute meaning in a performance

Year 10 (GCSE) Expertise

Year 10 further develops wider skills such as working within and leading a team, public speaking, debate and communication skills.

Component One: Understanding Drama

At the end of Year 10 students will see and review a Live Theatre production.

Component Two: Devising Drama

Students create new and original performances through workshops and rehearsals. They will need to be able to develop ideas, collaborate with others and analyse and evaluate the process of creating devised drama. Students will complete a final performance and support this with a written devising log that documents the devising and rehearsal process.

Year 11 (GCSE) Expertise

Component Three: Texts in Practice

Students will explore, rehearse and perform two extracts from a published play. They will need to be able to: interpret texts, create and communicate meaning and artistic intention in text-based drama.

Year 11 ends with a final, written examination that tests knowledge of theatre, texts, plays and Live Theatre productions. Overall, the course is 70% written work and 30% practical work.