Year 7 and 8 Exploration

Textiles in Year 7 and 8 is all about introducing students to the equipment, techniques and skills needed when using fabrics. Students will develop their practical skills, decision making and creativity. The curriculum also provides basic skills, such as sewing on a button securely.


By the end of Year 7 you will have discovered how to sew securely by hand and how to use a sewing machine. The projects have been designed to give you the confidence, dexterity and practical skills with this material so you can mend or make items in the future. You will also have the opportunity to express yourself creatively using decorative techniques.

7.1 Tie-dye Drawstring Bag

The tie-dye drawstring bag combines colours and is a simple construction that will introduce students to health and safety precautions, as well as hand and machine skills. Students will have control over the tie-dye colour combinations and the tie-dye pattern method. They will design an appliqué patch that will be sewn securely by hand. Special tricks and processes allowing for sewing in straight lines and navigating corners with a sewing machine will be used, so students will be confident in using a machine and will have a strong drawstring bag.

7.2 Monster Toy

The second project will give students more control over their outcome. Building on the skills learnt making the tie-dye bag they will design and make a little monster inspired by fun creatures by companies like “Ugly Dolls”. Students will use the sewing machine to sew the body, horns, arms, etc. using techniques such as “clipping and turning”. The weird and wonderful facial features will be created by students, by hand.


With a wider variety of techniques, experimentation and a larger focus on creativity than in Year 7, students will be able to make a creative personal banner to hang in your bedroom, or to give as a gift. It is a great opportunity for students to express themselves and make something really personal.

Bedroom Banner

Discovering printing, further dying processes, stencilling, embroidery and using components, students will be able to explore techniques and select what works for them. Students relish the chance to engage with the media, often building confidence and dexterity along the way. Colour and pattern are a very important aspects of textiles; colour is explored further and pattern techniques are introduced.