Religious Studies

Key Stage 3 Exploration

In Year 7, students explore the foundations of religious belief.

In Year 8, students explore the implications of religious belief.

Year 7

Autumn 1: What is Religion?

The five main world religions, mythology and the ancient religions

Autumn 2: What are the origins of life?

Religious sources: interpreting religious and scientific

Interpretations of creation

Spring 1: Who was Jesus and who killed Him?

Jesus’s life and trial. Introduction of the link between Judaism and Christianity.

Spring 2: Does religion divide or unite?

Islamic beliefs, including divergent beliefs (Sunni/Shia) as well as Protestantism/Roman Catholicism

Summer 1: Can we prove God’s existence?

Philosophical concepts of the existence of God and atheism

Summer 2: How do religions use art?

Jesus depictions, mandalas, community cohesion


Year 8

Autumn 1: Is religion disappearing?

Secularisation, Religious Pluralism, Humanism, Fundamentalism, New Age, the difference of faith

Autumn 2: Does life have a beginning or an end?

The soul, resurrection, reincarnation, rebirth, life after death

Spring 1: Are some Lives more important than others?

Animal rights

Caste systems

Spring 2: Why do we suffer?

Causes, explanations and implications, including Christian theodicies

Summer 1: Where do our morals come from?

Non-religious (humanism) and religious views, the morality of living biblically, situation ethics

Summer 2: Do we exist?

Introduction to applied philosophy, is happiness the greatest pursuit?