Key Stage 3 Exploration

Our intention is to help students understand key ideas that affect their lives today. The course is designed to enable students to understand the geography of the UK, alongside global geography topics. This includes:

Year 7

My Local Place – Market Harborough’s location within the UK and the world. This module requires practice of map reading skills such as 4 and 6 figure grid references.

Fantastic Places – A study of differing locations from equator to the poles. This includes looking at the climatic conditions of each location as well as the plants and animals that live there.

Risky World – Studying the structure of the Earth before focusing on the formation and impacts of different types of volcanoes.

Africa – A study of the Horn of Africa as a region. This module considers the challenges faced by people living within the Horn of Africa as well as opportunities for development.

Water – A study of river processes that lead to the formation of river features such as waterfalls and meanders, as well as causes and impacts of floods.

Geography in the field – A skills based unit introducing investigation skills.

Year 8

Tourism – A study of the changing trends of tourism within the UK and globally. This module considers examples of different tourist destinations, such as national parks and the varying impacts tourists can have on each location.

Connected World – A study of the changing world of work. This leads on to the causes and effects of globalisation.

Risky World – Building on the work on tectonic hazards in Year 7, this module considers the formation and impacts of earthquakes.

Challenging cities – A study of the causes and effects of rapid urbanisation. This module also looks at the development of slum settlements and the challenges faced by those living there.

Blue Planet – A study of the issues facing the world’s oceans and marine life.

Sustainable Futures – An investigation into how humans can live a more sustainable life.