Year 7 Exploration

Healthy Eating

In Year 7, we aim to give students a foundational experience by using a range of different commodities and an understanding of the government recommendations for healthy eating through the ‘Eatwell Guide’. We want every child to know the Eatwell guide, food groups and key basic nutrients, healthy eating recommendations, tips for good health’, the nutritional content of food commodities, sensory vocabulary related to different foods, the 4c’s of good food hygiene and an understanding of the term ‘from farm to fork’.

The key vocabulary that they will be expected to learn is chilling, cooking, cleaning, cross contamination, ‘Eatwell Guide’, nutrients, carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, recommendations, vocabulary, hygiene, safety, bacteria, commodities, risks, grilling, frying, boiling, guidelines, improvements and adaptions.

What will we be cooking?

During practical sessions students will be asked to design a bread based party snack, fruit smoothie, fruit crumble, pizza toast and chili con carne. Their skills will be tested at the end of the course as they make a curry independently. This will form the assessment grade for the Food coursework.

Year 8 Exploration

Understanding Commodities

In Year 8, students will further develop their food preparation skills as they embark on more demanding dishes, building on the skills learnt in Year 7. They will deepen their knowledge of key terms used to describe food production on a variety of scales. They will understand the difference between macro and micronutrients and the different factors that affect food choice. They will be expected to have a deeper knowledge of why ingredients behave the way they do and how cooking processes affect the final outcome of a dish.

By the end of the course students should be able to explain the function of macronutrients, the importance of seasonality and ways to be sustainable as an individual and a nation. They should understand that different people have different culinary needs and understand temperatures for storage and cooking.

What will we be cooking?

We will be creating a fruit fusion, baking bread and understanding the function of the ingredients, combining ingredients in a pizza scone and cooking savoury rice. The final dish will be a pasta dish (Bolognese or lasagne) which will form their assessment for Year 8. This will require a certain degree of self-organisation and application of previously learnt knowledge of health and safety, sensory judgement, temperature judgement and presentation.