This Week's Recipe

Food Tech Support Book 2015 BOOK 2 Here is our cookbook for 2015/2016: Robert Smyth Academy Cook Book 2015/16

Year 11 Food Technology


You should be making your next development dish or continue with your evaluations and research or planning your final dish


Year 11 Vocational Food Mr Whitton  and Miss Starr


You should be making sure your evaluations are completed for your assessment (either level 1 or level 2)


If you decide to do level 2 you will need to make two dishes. Either a starter and main course or a main course and a dessert and you should be planning which products to make at home

If you have finished your assessment you need to make sure all written work is completed up to date



Year 10 Food preparation and nutrition


You are cooking healthy kebabs on Tuesday 28th February